Following the results of the EU referendum, ACES conducted a survey of business views, which have been summarised below.  Also included at the foot of the page are links to the detailed analysis of the replies recieved.

Survey Statistics (125 respondents)


  • The majority of survey respondents recorded that they are “slightly worried” about their business in the short and medium term
  • However, in the long term the majority are “very confident” about their business
  • The minority who are “very worried” increases from 13% in the short term to 17% in the medium and long term


  • Only 11% of respondents anticipate any job losses in their business


  • 42% of respondents have been impacted by the referendum result
    • Of those, 28% have been impacted positively
  • 74% have not lost any business or contracts since the referendum
  • 39% expect costs to increase
    • 33% of those expect costs to increase significantly, 36% expect cost increases to be negligible and the remaining 31% aren’t sure


The business sectors these respondents come from is extremely varied and is listed at the end of the survey, after the post codes recorded.

For a detailed analysis of the replies, click >>here<<

ACES has also received a letter from Marian Sudbury, Director, Global Operations, UKTI Investment Group, which gives an overview on the Government’s approach and current thinking on the practicalities of Brexit.  To see a copy of this, click >>here<<