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Owned and managed by Justin Vinsend, Sevens Tech deliver Products, Services, Solutions, Consultancies & IT services within Power Network Infrastructures. They also provide with Energy Efficient & Performance attributes that strengthens Power Systems within a corporate or utility network. The company has proven track record for delivering solutions within industrial, commercial and utility frontiers. http://www.bpcme.com/

Sevens Tech provide solutions for Indoor Air Quality Solutions to eradicate B.VOCs and improve Oxygen content within a premises with no consumables and low operational costs. http://rukseng.com/

Their other ground breaking solution includes Controlled Mist Fire Suppression that protects your equipment from electrocution and suppresses the fire at the quickest time frame. Water storage required is also very minimum. https://www.phirexaustralia.com.au/

If you’d like to know more, give Justin a call on 01825 508554.