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With the recent Covid-19 outbreak many companies have adapted to a remote working model much faster than usual and the types of roles which historically weren’t even considered to be remote are now being rethought.

Knibbs Computer Services have helped a vast number of businesses deploy remote working technology to assist them during these uncertain times. Utilising VOIP telecoms and cloud services, we have enabled businesses to navigate these difficult times.

Are you struggling to get the business tools that you need for your business? Microsoft are offering a 6-month free trial for their Teams product allowing staff to work effectively and collaboratively in separate locations. There are many other leading vendors offering free access to their services. In fact, you’d do well to talk to Knibbs Computers who can offer access to their IT Consultants for a virtual chat by phone or video conference.

At Knibbs, they have been working with SME clients since 1998 to deliver technology solutions tailored to individual client needs. And I guess there is always the possibility that once we return to a sense of normality, some roles may remain remote, maximising the efficiencies. By implementing solutions now can help ease the current situation and solve problems further down the line.

So, if you are already deployed a remote solution and it’s going well, that’s great but worth thinking too about security and data loss prevention solutions. With businesses converting to home working remotely overnight, IT Security has taken a ‘back seat’. Now is the time to ensure your business isn’t exposed to risk.

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