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Local IT expert and Chamber member, Knibbs Computer Services, is urging business owners and managers in Wealden and surrounding areas to prepare for the end of lockdown now – even though no-one knows when or how it will happen.

Expert Tim Knibbs of Knibbs Computer Services believes all local businesses have a chance right now to be fully prepared for every possible ending to the lockdown.

“Few businesses were ready for the start of lockdown, and that created a lot of stress for people as they rushed to work from home,” Tim said.

“But right now, we all know that the lockdown will end at some point. This is a great time to prepare for that. Especially as a phased end looks more likely.”

Tim has written a brand-new guide to help local businesses prepare, available HERE.

It addresses three key areas that businesses must consider:

1. Their people, especially if businesses end up with a mix of some at the workplace, and others still working from home

2. The equipment they use. Most people don’t realise that laptops are still difficult to buy with limited supplies

3. Their data. It’s a good time to check data security has not been compromised by all the changes made over the last few weeks

Tim added: “The temptation is to put this off, especially if you’re at home with your kids, trying to run your business as well!

“But I think every business owner and manager locally who spends a little time thinking this through now, will be really glad when the lockdown starts to come to an end.”

Knibbs Computer Services Ltd was formed in 1998, and now looks after hundreds of local businesses in the South East.