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Clipping it short:

We’re a self-service dog wash facility providing a safe, convenient and comfortable way to clean up your grubby pup after they’ve had the fun of getting filthy!

Want to D.I.Y? Our baths, grooming platforms and blaster dryers are easy and comfortable to use.

Want a full-service groom? We have a professional groomer happy to book you in for an appointment.

Reactive dog? Tuesdays are by appointment only so that you’ll be completely undisturbed and your dog can enjoy the experience in peace.

Got a new puppy in the family and want to socialise them well both with other puppies and with the environment of the grooming parlour? We’ll be holding puppy socialisation groups every week for puppies under 20 weeks.

Looking for something to pamper and spoil your pooch? We’ve got some great quality products to really treat them.

The Shaggy Dog Story:

In 2019 our little family, formerly just my 13 year old son and me, was joined by a beautiful, funny, loveable, kind, stupid, clever Golden Retriever puppy called Not Alan.

We soon discovered, as countless goldie owners before us have, that Golden Retrievers LOVE to be dirty and wet and stinky. Especially stinky.

As Not Alan the puppy rapidly grew into Not Alan the 40kg dog, the regular task of hauling him through the house, to the bathroom and into the bath as he dripped, shook and rubbed whatever he had swam in, rolled in or splashed in across the carpets and walls was becoming an absolute mission. The cleaning of the floors, walls and bath often took just as long as the bathing of the fluffy culprit too!

While joking with an American friend about the herculean task whenever Not Alan did another hippo impression I was asked “well why don’t you just take him to a dog wash?”

The idea of having a place I could go to clean up the adorable fluffy fool without the back pain for the following days and without having to clean up the trail of devastation seemed like heaven and my American friends couldn’t believe that it wasn’t a common thing here in the U.K.

And so an idea formed.

I decided to provide a service for all dog owners in a area, whether their dogs were part hippo like Not Alan, prone to fur staining, lovers of rolling in stinky stuff, prone to being a bit musty or just enjoyed a good pamper now and again.

Having friends and family with disabilities who are simply not able to bathe their own dogs at home and so must try to book in with a groomer whenever they’ve got a grubby puppy, I became determined to ensure that our facilities would be fully accessible for all abilities and so I have made sure to take valuable advice towards making this happen.

Having other friends with reactive and anxious dogs, I became determined that dogs with anxiety or behavioural problems could also enjoy an experience with us and so I have set aside a day of the week to be by appointment only with a nice gap between slots to prevent any stress.

Ideas have a tendency of inviting more ideas and so I decided to add a professional groomer in to the mix for those who would prefer a full-service experience and we also offer a few high quality products for sale both online and in the salon.

We aim to provide a real boutique experience, whether you’re wanting the  full self-service package – bath, shampoo, conditioner, blow dry – a quick bath and then out, or an appointment with our on-site groomer.

Our specialised dog baths have a non-slip ramp and sliding door for easy access so you wont need to lift large and heavy dogs up, can be easily used whatever sized dog you have without bending down. With adjustable non-slip floor grates and an overhead grooming arm with adjustable loops to keep your dog safe and secure.

Our specially built grooming platforms have a ramp up to save you from lifting and an overhead grooming arm with adjustable loops.

Our dog air blasters are great even for dogs who dislike human hair dryers.

What our customers say about us:

“Brilliant idea excellent facilities to wash and dry your dog. So much easier then trying to do it at home! Fleur smells lovely and her coat is so soft. Donna is very welcoming and friendly…” Carolyn Badger

“Huxley was absolutely brilliant having his wash today. So so so much easier than doing this at home and you walk away from the mess!! Highly recommended. Will definitely be back. Thank you ever so much Donna…” Sarah Bailey-Williams

“I was able to bath my nervous, reactive dog in peace and quiet. Such a great place. And really good value. I will definitely use it again. Thank you Donna” Carole Hobbs

“A brilliant idea. Certainly made washing our lurcher much easier on my back. Lovely setting…. Wide variety of shampoos to choose from and we really appreciated exclusive access on the Tuesday which is reserved for reactive dogs. Friendly helpful staff. Will definitely be going back.” Karey Whitmore

“Excellent dog wash near some great walks…. Such a cute place with so many nice touches;snacks for humans, a scale to weigh the dogs, amazing doggy shampoo… plus great dog gifts for Christmas too! This place has everything.” Joy Hatton

“A very warm welcome today for Waffles and Poppet on their 1st visit. A great facility that we will be using again. Lots of delicious shampoos to choose from to combat greasy coats to dry ones and other problems… We will be back” Lynn Brenton

“Took Morris for a wash and dry today … Soooo much easier than doing it at home over the bath. I stayed dry! Lots of fantastic shampoos to choose from and very reasonably priced…” Clare Williams

“Took my too dogs for a bath and am so pleased that I did. Lovely relaxed atmosphere and the owner is so knowledgeable and helpful. Bathed my two dogs with ease, no backache and no messy clean up. There are plenty of choices of Shampoo to choose from. Towels and aprons are provided. Lots of tasty snacks for humans and canines alike. Looking forward to our next visit.” Michelle Day