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Advertising is one of the cornerstones of any business taking a product to market, be it a service they’re providing, or goods created. Traditional advertising can prove expensive for the yields gained, especially when targeting a local market, so increasingly, businesses are finding alternative routes to promote their brand and what they have to offer.

Sponsoring local charities has always been a great way to provide additional advertising, combining the need to get eyes on your logo or product, with corporate social responsibility, an aspect of business we’ve written about before and it’s growing importance.

Plenty of local businesses have been engaging in this, sponsoring events such as the upcoming volunteer awards. Equally we have events such as the Volunteer Fair, held at the Civic Centre, where plenty of local charities will be in attendance to answer any questions prospective volunteers may have. S&P Printing, Sussex Door to Door Distribution and Uckfield Town Council are sponsoring this event, for which we are very grateful, but there’s always room for more if you think this would be a good fit for your business.

You could go for sponsoring a webpage, just as CJ Thorne Civil Engineering have done, or become a business member sponsoring the materials for an event, or providing a gift for a tombola. There are plenty of choices.

Events in particular are fantastic ways to guarantee plenty of people associating your logo and contribution with the volunteering occasion or specific charity, and thus helping the local community you’re a part of. There are a wide range to the demographic at events such as the Volunteer Fair, with teenagers right through to retirees being interested in finding opportunities to suit their calendar.

The Volunteer Fair will be taking place at the Civic Centre in Uckfield town centre, Saturday 23rd September 10am – 2pm. Hope to see you there!