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There’s no law that says you must have limitless ambition for your business. If you’re in business to ‘make a decent living’, and you’re achieving that, then a) well done, and b) so long as there isn’t reason to believe you’re going to lose sales, carry on as you are.

Do you wish to grow? Are you growing? Have your sales recovered to pre-pandemic levels? If sales are growing, do you know why? Is it the net result of proactive action that you’ve taken?

Do you think you’re close to the ceiling of your current sales effort? Do you want to sell more but you’re not sure what to do next?

Have you thought how you might benefit from putting in place a sales and marketing strategy and a medium/long-term plan.

Bold Biz Coaching can help you to decide what your offering should be, to whom and in what market. I’m not one who says your business cannot survive without a strategy, however, I am an advocate for one because, in my experience, it can help you in the following ways: –

  • It will help you to understand how you currently gain customers.
  • It will show you what sales and marketing effort works and what doesn’t.
  • It will give you a clear idea of where you should focus your limited resources.
  • It may inspire you to broaden your offering.
  • It may encourage you to make bold commercial decisions around headcount and investment.

Having a strategy and a plan could transform your business and act as a catalyst for taking it to the next level.

Is that of interest? Email or telephone 07956 045182 to find out how.