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TR Fastenings Ltd

Business name:
TR Fastenings Ltd
Phone number:
08454 811 800
Email address:
Trifast House
Bellbrook Park
East Sussex
TN22 1QW

TR Fastenings Ltd (TR) is part of Trifast plc and is an international specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of industrial and Cat C fastenings principally to major global assembly industries.

The TR Group consists of 34 locations within the UK, Asia, Europe and the USA including 7 high volume sites manufacturing cold forged fasteners and special parts and 3 Technical and Innovation Centres. We supply components to over 5000 companies globally across a wide range of industries.

As a full service provider to multinational OEM’s and Tier 1 companies spanning several sectors, we deliver comprehensive support to our customers across every requirement, from concept design through to technical engineering consultancy, manufacturing, supply management and global logistics.

For updates and the latest news on TR Fastenings visit www.trfastenings.com