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Chamber member, Uckfield & District Preservation Society (UDPS) look after two splendid historic buildings, Bridge Cottage in Uckfield High Street, and Nutley Windmill, on the edge of Ashdown Forest.  We now have a serious problem at Nutley Windmill. Volunteers have been working for some years to get the machinery operating as it once did.  However, much of what they have achieved has been undone in an unpredictable accident. 

The sweeps (called sails in some places) are fixed to the body of the mill with stocks – massive oak timbers.  With no warning, two stocks failed some weeks ago, bringing down the sweeps and causing serious damage.  Fortunately, nobody was injured in the accident.  However, repairs will be expensive – we don’t know how expensive, but the bill could be as much as £15,000.  While we do have an emergency fund, it will be seriously depleted by this accident so we are launching an appeal to help cover these repair costs.

You may have come across our crowd-funding scheme, by means of which we hope to raise some funds.  Full details of how to donate, and rewards available to donors, can be found by clicking within this LINK.

In addition, UDPS invites Chamber members to consider how our buildings might be useful to your business – hire a meeting room in Bridge Cottage perhaps or hold a social or promotional event at the Windmill.  We are happy to discuss possibilities. Please contact us for more information on admin@bridgecottageuckfield.co.uk, or ring 01825 760734.