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Get a Real Job!

It started when I was 15 and sitting in front of the school’s careers advisor. When asked, what I wanted to do with my life, I replied, ‘work in theatre.’ The reply from the career’s advisor was that I should…

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East Sussex College £1M Pledge

East Sussex College Group has pledged £1million to help retrain and upskill people in Sussex, including Uckfield, following the Coronavirus pandemic. They are investing £1million of their Adult Education Budget to support economic recovery in Sussex with a range of…

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Uckfield Rotary Club Celebrate!

Africa has been certified free of Polio after three years without any reported infections! In 1978, 350,000 children were infected with this appalling paralyzing disease in the US alone. Today this year there are only 17 reported cases world wide.…

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