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Looking for a charity for your business to support?… here we are!

With our services expanding and families needing us more than ever, there has never been a much more needed time for your donations and support.

We need you to help us continue our vital and much needed service of being the only charity of our kind in the area. Providing a service where we can say “we totally understand” rather than “we cannot imagine what you are going through”.

The need for us is so high, whilst the ability to sustain our funding is becoming a struggle.

This is what our charity means to so many families who have gone through the unimaginable heart break of losing a child:💭

“to speak to someone who ‘got it’ was so comforting”

“You are my lifeline, giving me strength to remain present”

“With You Raise Me Up you are never alone”

Our charity is funded entirely by charitable donations, regular corporate donations, and fundraising activities.

When a wife loses a husband, she is a widow. When a husband loses a wife he is a widower. When a child loses both parents, they are an orphan. There is no word in the dictionary for a parent who loses their child. The support we give can be the difference between life and death for families in their darkest hours.

Since the pandemic the need for our services has risen by 400%. The families that we support who have been bereaved by suicide has risen from 20% – 80%. No parent is prepared for the death of a child, however almost 3,000 young people (aged 16-25) die in the UK each year (ONS 2018)

✨So how can you help us?✨

Become a corporate doner.

Regular corporate donations are a great way to meet your business Corporate Social Responsibilities and help our Charity continue to give its vital services.

From the helpline and the counselling service to the support groups and support centre our services are provided free of charge to those in need.

We provide one-to-one specialist counselling not just to the bereaved family but to families who are in need of help with mental health issues.

We are called on more and more as GP’s, other charities and agencies refer to our services.

A regular monthly donation would help in so many ways.

• A £50 per month donation provides 2 support groups for bereaved families

• A £100 per month donation provides 27 one-to-one specialist counselling sessions

• A £150 per month provides 2 months of our 24-hour bereavement crisis support helpline.

We do not receive ANY government funding and we can only do what we do with the generosity of others.

Please be a Business Partner, to help us sustain our services and secure our future.

*All corporate donors will be able to have their business logo on our website* To sign up please visit our WEBSITE.