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Many of you will have a blog on your website.

But are you sure you’re making the most of it?

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to add quality content to your website – which both your human readers, and Google, will appreciate.

32 ways to write a better blog post

We write a lot of blogs – mainly for our clients, but occasionally for ourselves too. One of our recent blogs shares our wealth of experience about getting the most from every blog you write.

Some of the topics it covers:


If you want your blog post to perform well in Google searches then you need to use the right keywords in the right way within your article.

Know your audience

Make sure you know who you’re writing for and adopt a style that will appeal to them.

Quality of language

You don’t have to invoke the spirit of Shakespeare each time you write a blog post, but you do need to use appropriate, varied and accurate language.

Structuring your article

There’s a lot to think of here, from how long your post should be, to how it will look when on-screen, to technical tweaks to make it Google-friendly. Get it all right and you’ll have an article that engages with your readers and performs well in Google searches.

What to write about

Ideas for articles which show your expertise in a unique, authentic and compelling way.

You can read all 32 tips in the full article on Open Door Digital’s website via this LINK.

If you’d rather find someone else to do all this for you, then our content development services are here to help! Get in touch for a chat about how we could make your website’s blog the best it can be. Email hello@opendoordigital.co.uk, call 01892 800 410 or say hello at one of the Uckfield Chamber events.