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Solaris Exploration Limited provides geological and geophysical interpretation services to the energy sector; oil and gas, geothermal and offshore wind.  In fact any endeavour where knowledge of the earth’s subsurface is required. 

Through associates and in combination with larger consultancy companies all aspects of the subsurface can be covered.  Experience is varied and covers much of Europe, South and Central America, the Middle East, the Mediterranean as well as the UK, onshore and offshore.

The image shows a seismic line acquired in 1991 which is a cross section through the Earth running from East Sussex National Golf Course to Holtye across the Ashdown Forest. The top 1000m or so can be seen very clearly.

The discontinuities in the dark events crossing the section are faults most recently active during the collision of Africa with Europe, the same event that caused the formation of the Alps.

At the top of the Jurassic the Kimmeridge Clay is the layer that produced oil near Gatwick Airport.  It is shallower here and very unlikely to be of interest for fracking despite the presence of a number of gas discoveries in the area e.g. at Heathfield and at Crowborough.

If you wish to gain a better understanding of the world beneath your feet, please contact Mark Attree via email or mobile 07769217038.