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…without compromising on quality!

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the use of AI to create content for your digital marketing, whether that’s a blog for your website, social media posts or email campaigns.

So, we thought we’d challenge AI to a duel – we’d write and article then ask ChatGPT to write the same article, and see which was best!

The topic we chose was a discussion of the benefits of using AI to create content.

It was an interesting experiment – revealing the underlying bias within AI systems…and our own bias too.

Read the two articles HERE.

So, what conclusions did we draw?

AI has great potential to improve the efficiency and quality of copywriting, but only if it’s used in a “blended” way – with both AI and human input.

Using AI alone presents many problems, including:

  • AI relies on information in the public domain and can’t detect inaccuracies or inherent bias.
  • Currently most AI models for copywriting tend to ramble a bit and go off at a tangent, but this will improve over time.
  • What might never improve, however, is AI’s inability to understand the wider context of your business or your tone of voice.
  • AI won’t ever be able to form an original opinion for you (which is probably a good thing, as we don’t want it forming the opinion that humans are redundant!)
  • While Google has stated that it won’t penalise you for using AI-generated content, the intrinsic lack of originality in AI’s writing makes it difficult (impossible?) for it to achieve Google’s quality standards.

Having said all that, there are many ways in which we think AI is enormously helpful in writing content, so long as it’s used in combination with a human copywriter.

AI can help you to boost productivity, by doing some of the research legwork, providing an initial structure for the article or coming up with compelling titles.

So long as you take a blended approach (AI and human) you should also see the quality of your writing improve. It gives you a second person who never tires of generating ideas for you or looking at things from a different perspective.

Have fun experimenting with AI – but don’t forget that, to make a real difference with your content, you do need that human touch too!