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Planning a team building away day this year? Boost morale and unleash your team’s full potential.If you’re planning a team building away day this year, you’ll want to be sure it’s beneficial and your team’s experience is a day to remember.

Team building away days will allow your employees to take valuable timeout from the everyday and enjoy a specialised event that will boost their bonding and increase their morale.

Studies show that companies can see a 75 percent return on investment from employee’s attending effective wellbeing initiatives (Employment Assistance Programme Association). That’s £4 ROI for every £1 spent, furthermore companies can see a productivity increase by more than 40 percent (Vitality Health).

Work life can be stressful from time to time and studies also show that embracing nature and immersing yourself in green spaces is highly beneficial for improved mental health. Fresh country air and viewing wildlife can be the perfect remedy to help reduce levels of stress and anxiety (Mental Health Foundation UK).

Team building days allow colleagues to meet up in a different space helping to improve their engagement and communication, breaking down any barriers that may have been built up over time thus helping to strengthen their bonds. Shared experiences create a sense of belonging evoking positive team culture, therefore translating into their work and your workplace culture. Improved mental wellbeing from team building away days, will also help stimulate thought and ignite creative thinking.

With a vibrant workforce that feel valued, companies can see huge savings and profits with a reduction in absenteeism and improved retention. A healthy workforce will have obvious benefits to your business.

Organisations are starting to recognise the importance and need for employee selfcare post Covid, and in a hybrid working landscape, the idea of going back to basics to reconnect colleagues, re-establishing bonds, supporting their needs, allowing them to relax, helping them to better understand ways to improve their mental and physical health would be a unique but refreshing prospect for any business.    

At Revive Health Fitness, our specialised wellness days will allow your employees to feel the value of their work, gain expert knowledge to support their health, feel energised and inspired to support their business. We feel we offer a very valuable resource to businesses and employees alike to help them to thrive in their working environment and everyday life.

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