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Congratulations! You did it. You’ve started your own business. You are now one of two million limited companies in operation in the UK, with around 300,000 new formations taking place each year.*

As for most businesses, you may require a working inventory — whether in the form of office supplies, finished retailed products, or both. And as your business grows, your stock levels will grow as well. As time passes, you may find yourself running out of space.

While upgrading your business to larger office space is commonplace, it is an expensive venture, particularly when you take into consideration the cost per square meter of office space these days in Sussex.

Business self-storage offers a much more cost effective solution. There is an increasing number of small businesses flocking to self-storage units, as they are fast becoming a popular option for businesses in a vast range of industries. Far from being a place to store cardboard boxes and unused furniture, a storage unit can be moulded and transformed to fit the needs of an impressive range of businesses.

At Cube Self-Storage, Uckfield we understand that your storage needs have to be flexible, in terms of access and in use of space. That it also needs to be secure so you don’t have the added fear of theft to your long list of concerns as a business owner. And that it needs to be cost-effective. You can’t be forking out as much as you bring in, just on rent!

As your requirement for stock increases and diminishes Cube Self-Storage can adapt your unit size to meet your demands. We are part of the Edward Baden Group which specialises in crate hire, business relocations , file/record management and fine art services.

Discover your storage solution at: www.cubeselfstorage.co.uk/business-storage and as a bonus, we are offering 40% OFF our storage fees for all Uckfield Chamber of Commerce members. Please mention the Chamber when you contact us, on 0800 027 2668.

*stats: companies house