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…to make more impact at your next exhibition or show.

If you’re planning to do any exhibitions or shows as part of your marketing strategy in the next twelve months, here’s a great little tip on how you can maximise impact for relatively low cost using Facebook Ads.

A few months ago, we were talking to a client of ours about his marketing plans for the coming twelve months and he told us about an exhibition he was attending where he’d taken a stand (not in a peaceful protest way – he’d paid money to be an exhibitor).

This gave us a great idea for how to use Facebook Ads to maximise his impact to the people going to the show.

One of the great features of Facebook Ads is that you can select exactly where you want your ad to appear. For most businesses, they use it to set a radius around the town or city they’re in. Got a business in Uckfield? Great! Set the ad to run within a ten-mile radius of the town, and you know you’re showing your ad to a much more relevant audience.

But you can be much more specific than that; in addition to being able to select a town or city for your ad, you can drop a pin on the map at the precise location you want.

Now if you’ve ever been, you know what it’s like at one of these exhibitions or shows; it’s pretty intense and you’re on your feet all the time – you’re going to need to take a break at least a couple of times, plus lunch.

What do most people do in this situation? Do they have a meaningful conversation with a friend or colleague, maybe asking about the welfare of their family and loved ones?

Of course not.

They go on Facebook.

So, our idea was to drop a pin on the location of the exhibition (in this case, London’s Olympia), knowing that during the day, an awful lot of people were going to be going on Facebook during a break, and would see our client’s ad.

The ad we planned was along these lines:

“Having fun at [name of exhibition]? We’re at [location of stand] in the main exhibition hall, next to [name of adjacent stand]. Come and say hi, show us this ad and, if you’re happy to give us your email address, you’ll be eligible for [special offer]”

What a great way to reach as many people as possible at an event AND stand out for doing something a little bit different. The really great thing about this particular set of circumstances was that the show was quite “techy”, but our client’s business wasn’t especially – so it gave him a really neat way of showing people that although his wasn’t a tech business, he was very much on the ball as far as using technology for marketing was concerned.

So, if you show at exhibitions, or you’re planning to soon, why not try it out for yourselves?

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