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I took a call from a new prospect the other day who wanted to talk about getting a new website.

As one of my usual finding-out questions, I asked her – why now? What had prompted her to make the call?

She told me that her MD had called her into her office a few weeks before. She’d just twigged that the company website didn’t work on her shiny new iPhone and she was demanding answers.

What I could tell had really ticked my prospect off was that she’d been mentioning it to her boss on and off for the past 18 months, but it was only now she’d found out she can’t access it on her new toy and, well…something has to be done, dammit!

It was way back in July 2015 that we reached the tipping point; that was when more people accessed the web on a mobile device (i.e. a phone or tablet) than on a desktop or laptop. In the February before that, we were already designing sites to work on mobile (and blogging about why it was important: What is responsive design and why do I need it?)

If your site doesn’t work properly on mobile devices, you’re losing customers.

To quickly see what your site looks like on a phone, tablet, laptop and desktop, head on over to our testing site we built at Am I Responsive?

Or as a little test, quickly grab your phone right now and go to your website. How’s it look?

You shouldn’t have to pinch to zoom, or turn the phone to read content. You should be able to navigate easily with your finger or thumb. How easy is it to fill in your contact form? Do you need to switch to the number pad to fill in your phone number or does it happen automatically?

If you’re finding it painful to use your own site on your phone, think about what sort of experience your customers might be having. Or should I say HAD – the chances are they’re long gone, off to a competitor whose site IS responsive.

This is just one of the signs that you might need a new website, but it’s probably one of the most important. If you’re concerned, get in touch with Tomango and we can have a chat – and make sure your customers get the best experience of your site wherever and whenever they want.



P.S. If you’re not sure whether you really need a new website and want some impartial advice, we’re happy to talk about that too.

Give Managing Director Mark Vaesen a call on 01273 814019 or email mark@tomango.co.uk to find out how Tomango can help.