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… to make it more productive!

Does your environment stimulate you? When you enter your office, are you fired up with enthusiasm or do you feel your energy slowly draining out of you like a sand timer?

We ask because it’s hard to over-estimate the benefits of a clutter-free environment when it comes to work and productivity. Why?

De-clutter gets rid of distractions

If you want space, peace and quiet to read a document, work on an important paper, sort out employee wages and more, it is much easier to do if desks and clean and tidy, and offices are not cluttered.

De-cluttering makes things easier to find

Obvious, really. The more items, papers, files, folders, storage cabinets and more you have in a space, the more difficult it is to find what you need.

De-cluttering is better for health and safety

Too many papers, over-flowing bins, a surfeit of objects that act as trip hazards—the best reason for de-cluttering your office environment is to protect you and your employees and protect against being sued.

De-cluttering is better for the environment

If you can make your office as paper-free as possible, not only do you not have to then store or get rid of old and unnecessary paperwork, but you do not create the need for that paper in the first place. As that will save you money too, it is a win-win.

De-cluttered environments calm the mind

A neat and tidy space with minimum clutter is much more calming than an office packed to the gills with posters, books, paper-work strewn desks, post-its dotted everywhere and more. Rooms that are clutter-free feel soothing to be in, and most people want to work in a place where they feel calm and at ease.

Office storage solutions can help de-clutter your working space and make it productive. Storage helps you hold on to necessary work-related items while freeing up space. Call Cube Self Storage on 0800 027 2668 to find out more.