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It has been a real privilege to be able to help local businesses by offering the services of our conference room at our Uckfield Business Support Centre. Most recently we have hosted Uckfield Chamber of Commerce ‘Lunch and Learn’ and the week previously we hosted the strategic meeting of a fast-growing marketing company, which necessitated the use of the breakout room too.

Many of you will already be aware of the Uckfield Business Support Centre from which we are running our ActionCOACH and ProfitPLUS businesses. When Marian and I first saw the offices, we could see the potential for developing a conference room, and imagined that from time to time we would be able to make it available to other organisations.

Well that has gone much better than we really anticipated, holding several meetings a month already at this early stage.

It got me thinking – what is the benefit for organisations to have their meeting outside of their normal work space and in a business, rather than perhaps a hotel setting?

I imagine some of the reasons are obvious and I will touch on them shortly, but perhaps less obvious, and indeed, what we are hearing, is that more creative thinking and higher energy levels are experienced away from the normal working environment. Perhaps this is because people feel less influenced by their normal surroundings, so normal rules don’t apply, there is little danger of unexpected distractions and the environment is conducive to business creativity and thinking.

Hotels can provide much of that perhaps, but from our own experience, perhaps people don’t feel they are amongst friends or in a business environment as much as they would do at the business centre.

With off-site conference facilities, such as ours you would also expect to have reliable fast broadband, comfortable working environment, lots of good light levels, room to spread out, room to break out, cloakroom facilities and of course tea and coffee on tap.

If you’d like to know more, please do drop us a line and call Marian at the Uckfield Business Support Centre on 01825 760 924