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When you have enough reasons to do something, motivating yourself to do it is effortless.

Bombarding your brain with reasons to act makes motivation easy and one powerful strategy is to read a book on a habit you want to change. Eleven years ago, I read a book on the benefits of water drinking and I have maintained optimum hydration levels since. ‘Water is good for your health’ is not a good reason to drink enough water for most. After I read that book I had so many compelling reasons to drink water, it was harder not to. The same goes for any habit.

To take a shortcut here are seven reasons to reduce your stress:
1. Reducing stress gains you restful sleep at night.
2. Stress levels can contribute to a number of mental and emotional disorders, including depression, anxiety, phobias, and panic attacks
3. Stress may lead to relationship conflicts. You are more likely to be irritable, angry, frustrated and impatient with others.
4. Memory, focus and other brain functions improve when stress levels are manged.
5. Stress is hard on your digestive system and can provoke you to eat more or less than you normally do. The disruption of your body’s natural digestive processes can cause pain, heartburn, constipation, acid reflux or diarrhoea.
6. Chronic stress can strip your body of essential B vitamins, which have many important functions and are vital for maintaining good health.
7. Reduced stress levels avails to more available nutrients, to protect your body e.g. from infectious diseases.

Sam Rehan is your Workplace Stress Management Trainer. She offers on-site and off-site training events. Her next off-site event in Sussex is on Wednesday 27th March, 10 am – 3pm; Chamber members qualify for the discounted guest price and lunch is included; places can be booked here.