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If your 2019 plans include relocating a business, your priorities will be to minimise downtime and avoid any major impact on productivity.

Here are our top tips for a smooth business relocation:

Appoint a project manager – This might be your job or that of one of your managers. If you appoint a specific project manager, then he or she can take charge of the job and work out what needs to be done, and when. It is also an opportunity for said person to try out new project management skills – useful in any job.

Plan every detail – This will be the role of the project manager but a detailed plan will make a move much easier.

The list will include:
• when the move will take place
• what needs to be done first and last
• how far in advance do you need to book a professional removals company
• what can be donated or recycled
• what employees need to do
• what needs to be set up at the new office in advance.

Have a checklist for the new office – The checklist for the new office should include a layout, so your movers know where to put everything, as well as setting up computer’s, printers and other equipment.

Donate what you don’t need – Any move offers the opportunity for a clear out. Old furniture and equipment can be recycled. Charities will often pick up the items for free. Old computers can go to schools or charities – just make sure you wipe them clean of any data before them passing on.

Tell your customers – Naturally, your customers need to know where you’ve moving to and when, especially if it means your services won’t be available for a short time. Include these details in all correspondence with them; email lists, invoices, newsletters and social media. It might also be a good idea to create a new temporary landing page on your website that tells people about your new location.

Hire professionals – A professional moving team takes the headache out of moving. Here at Edward Baden, we have 20 years of industry experience, and we’re experts in facilitating seamless relocations. We’ll take care of every detail.

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