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To grow your business the way you want, you don’t just need more customers.

You need more of the right type of customers.

So how do you get more of your best customers from your website?

In October 2018 we wrote a blog post called How to use your website to get the right type of customer. It covers the six steps you need to take;

1. Identify who your best customers are
2. Get your brand right
3. Get your content right
4. Get your message right
5. Get your tone right
6. Make it easy for customers to buy

You can use these steps to get more out of your own website, and we’d urge you to have a read of the full post to get the most out of it, but we wanted to share with you a story where these steps have been implemented by a business in Uckfield, with great success.

Around the time the post was written, we were working with a well-known family-run business in Uckfield who wanted to grow their business.

Cannadines design, supply and install high-end kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms to customers throughout East Sussex. They’re good at what they do, and have seen their average project value gradually increase over the years as they began to work on bigger and better projects.

But enquiries for these projects were still few and far between. Most people knew them as middle-of-the-road, good value kitchen and bathroom suppliers, and weren’t aware of the high-quality stuff they do.

How could we help them get more of the customers they wanted?

We started by working with them to get clarity on who their best customers are (1), and made a set of recommendations to them about how they could reposition themselves to attract more of those perfect clients.

One of those recommendations was to look at a new brand identity (2), but having just moved in to new premises on the Bellbrook industrial estate and making the investment such a move takes time, we recognised it wasn’t making the best use of the budget available, so we focused on their website.

The old website was probably four or five years old and was more in line with where they were positioned in the market before.

Using the existing brand identity, but focusing on who their best customers are, we rejigged the content (3), placing more emphasis on showing off some of the best projects they’ve done recently. Where before the photos on the site – usually taken by a kitchen fitter on his iPhone – were letting them down, this time round they invested in a professional photographer to take some beautiful, aspirational images that wouldn’t look out of place in a glossy lifestyle magazine.

We worked with Cannadines to rewrite all the copy on the site (4), getting the tone of voice just right to appeal to their target audience (5). As part of the design, we made it clear what customers needed to do next and how they could get in touch (6).

The result was that within six months of the new site being launched, not only were enquiries up, but the average value of those enquiries had also gone up by over 40%.

The effect of having a new website was immediate.
In the first month after launch, our enquiries more than doubled.
— Ross Cannadine, Director, Cannadines

Repositioning your business to get more of your perfect customers can seem like a daunting and expensive task.

But by making some changes to your website, you can start to make a difference to the volume of enquiries you’ll get, and more importantly, the quality of those enquiries.

Talk to your website designer about how you can make some positive changes to your website right away.

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