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I know, I know; we’re at the time of year when it’s still a dirty word.

But there is no hiding from it any longer, Christmas is approaching. And, if you are a business that is lucky enough to benefit from heightened market activity around this time of year then you should be thinking very seriously about your Christmas marketing campaigns if you haven’t done so already.

Whether you are looking to increase sales, utilise the holidays as an opportunity to build your social following or re-engage previous customers, now is the time to act.

We thought we would share some ideas to bear in mind for your Christmas campaigns:

Social media competitions and giveaways

Let’s face it, everyone loves a freebie and everyone loves to win! Social media competitions are a great way of gaining new followers, increasing your brand reach and stirring up interest in your products and services at the same time. And, if you’ve already got a healthy number of followers you will be able to generate good reach organically.
Utilising the “like and follow to enter” or “visit this link to enter” approach will add value to your campaign, increasing your following for future campaigns or driving traffic to your site (a big plus when it comes to your ranking on search engines).

Theming the competition around Christmas will give your campaign an angle that is sure to be noticed.

Optimised site content

You should be thinking about how your products and services relate to Christmas to ensure you don’t miss out on valuable search traffic.

If you are a company that sells products or provides services that are marketed differently over the Christmas period, then you should also consider updating your website accordingly.

For example, if you are a farm-food supplier that sell turkeys all year round and you have a product page on your site that’s been optimised for the keyword ‘turkey crown’, consider adding other content related to ‘Christmassy’ keywords such as ‘Christmas turkey crown recipes’. That way, you will continue to reaching your usual audience as well as the festive traffic.

Applying the same logic to a less obvious example, if you are a plumber that offers emergency call-outs and you want to continue to provide that service over the Christmas period, then you should be adding unique content on your website that is solely focused on this service.

You can always remove the page once the holidays are over. But, if the right keywords are incorporated you could be ranking at position 1 for those searching for related terms like ‘emergency plumber at Christmas’, ‘plumber available at Christmas’, ‘plumber Christmas day’ and so on.

Less people may be looking for content based on these specific search terms, but you are much more likely to rank highly and be found by those who are.

Advent offers

Offers are always a good way to keep your existing customer base coming back for more, as well as enticing new audiences that are looking for a deal.

Using Christmas to theme an offer or promotion during the countdown to Christmas is a way of delivering a sustained campaign that keeps people engaged over a longer period of time.

With a bit of careful planning, advent offers will offer highly shareable content that you can use across a range of digital platforms. Why not theme the homepage of your website around the offers? Send your email contacts a round-up of the offer and/or post a daily promotion to social media. Then, be sure to remind your audience to check in each day for the next offer.

How we can help

At Youbiquity, we specialise in planning, designing and delivering digital marketing campaigns for local businesses and individuals that are looking to target specific messages to the right audiences online.

If you are considering a final push on your marketing for 2019, be sure to consider the full range of digital channels to get your messages out to the world (or to your local area).

You can find out more about how we can help on the digital marketing services page of our website, or alternatively call us 01825 703300 or email contact@youbiquity.co.uk.