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It’s part of the human condition to want to capture a moment of achievement or delight. Being able to view happy occasions again and again is a pleasure indeed. A framed degree or medal, a picture recording a happy moment like a birthday or a wedding, or preserving an object we cherish – we all treasure these little nuggets of something we remember with love or pride.

We’re terribly fortunate at Uckfield Framing Company – we’re in the business of safeguarding and enhancing people’s treasures, whether it be a postcard print or a football shirt – in fact, the more ‘out there’ the object, the more fun we have with the customer, choosing appropriate mounts and surrounds to set off the item to best advantage. We enjoy doing this so much that we write about it every week in our blog, and put interesting examples of our work on social media so friends and potential customers can see the range and quality of the work in which we take so much pride.

A loft find of an old and broken frame with a touching Mother and Baby photograph can be refurbished and re-framed so that it has a lovely new lease on life; combining different images into one large multi-mount frame is another project we’ve undertaken. We’ve framed rugby shirts, England footie caps, even a pair of old trainers, each posing its own challenges, and benefiting from being protected and presented to look its very best. Forces’ memorabilia is another forte – we have framed medals, stopwatches, silk flags and assorted militaria, valuing the importance these artefacts have, both to their owners in particular and society in general.

Some pictures and objects simply deserve to see the light of day, so if you have pictures that need a frame, or items hidden in the back of a drawer that ought to be displayed, come and have a chat, we’re always glad to talk through the options and help you keep those precious memories safely preserved and proudly on view.