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Everything around us is different to how we usually do things, so we asked Lisa at Social Media Sussex to provide some top tips on how best to respond to COVID19 on your social media.

1. Pause and reflect- prepare a statement for your customers. Check all scheduled social media posts with a coronavirus lens; i.e. travel companies aren’t posting a “get away from it all” style of post, posts need to be “real time” sensitive.

2. Tackle Coronavirus head on- don’t let it be the white elephant in the room. Put out an official statement on policy and post it on all your channels, and indicate how you can be contacted.

3. Continue running your social accounts – but be mindful of strategy, messaging and tone of voice.

4. Be more human- share the behind the scenes stories of how you are all managing in this crisis, use more live video, let business owners show up more on social media.

5. Add value – talk about any measures that you are doing that are helping the bigger picture. It helps build communities and trust, but be genuine and NOT salesy about this.

6. Pin your Coronavirus policy to the top of your Facebook page.

If you’d like help with any of the above, you can contact Lisa Bullen for a chat.