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The travel industry needs our support and by securing your bookings for next year, and beyond, now, it not only gives you something to look forward to, but also helps to secure the futures of the airlines, tour & cruise operators, hotels and all their associated staff.

Local independent agent and favourite in Uckfield High Street, Baldwins, have been around over 100 years and weathered many a storm in that time. You have their word that bookings will be handled with the utmost care and attention, as they always have been, and as usual will be booked securely with their fully bonded and protected suppliers.

Keep an eye on Baldwins social media over the coming weeks where they will be sharing the very best offers for 2021. If you have places you are interested in – please let them know and they’ll look for relevant offers and share those too.

If you have a family – why not join their Baldwins Travel Worldwide classroom on Facebook. It is a fun forum where they’ll be sharing facts and figures about the big wide world and encouraging children to get involved.

Baldwins are open online and can serve you by phone 01825 760488 or email uckfield@baldwins-travel.co.uk – or, you can contact with any travel related question via their website.