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What does good internal communication look like during Covid-19?

What more do you need to do to take care of your home workers?

How can you look after essential workers who are taking risks beyond their job description?

What are the new responsibilities of team leadership?

Our FREE team survey reveals the answers to these questions and more……….

Over the last two weeks Uckfield Chamber member Paul Matthews of insight6 has been offering his clients the opportunity to participate in a FREE team survey. The findings from the survey reflect the biggest changes in the working and social environment that most of us have ever experienced.

Here are six insights from the team survey during the Coronavirus pandemic:

1. 74% of employees who answered the survey were working from home at the time of the survey.
2. One in five of those working from home do not feel they have everything that they need in order to effectively work from home. This is a result of having to use personal computers and laptops for work or not having a device at all to do work in addition to a lack of IT support.
3. With an average rating of 7.9 out of 10 – 47% feel that their colleagues are taking excellent responsibility to stay safe in the workplace but one in four felt that their colleagues are not taking enough individual responsibility.
4. 57% think the communication by their employers about the current situation has been excellent with one in four feeling that their employers could do better.
5. Overall the excellent communicators have been praised for being transparent, open and considered given the circumstances. This resulted in employees feeling supported, well informed and up to date.
6. For those that felt communication could be better there was a need for more information, keeping up to date with where people are at in terms of anxiety and maintaining levels of communication as the situation changed.

With things changing so quickly insight6 have created a new team survey to review the needs of your most important resource which is now available.

Paul has invited all Chamber members to take part completely FREE of charge and gain some valuable insight into how your team are feeling. There is no lower or upper limit to the size of the business. If you would like to participate please follow this link to register.

Please stay well and safe and if you would like to meet for a virtual coffee to please contact Paul Matthews on 07710394729 or paul.matthews@insight6.com