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As more and more businesses are taking to social media during these unprecedented times, we asked Lisa (pictured here with her plate!) at Social Media Sussex to share some tips to improve your reach and engagement on your social media posts.

1. Make sure that your content is relevant to your audience, it needs to inspire, educate, inform and inspire (but not all at once!). Think what will resonate with your audience as they are more likely to engage with relevant content.

2. Use Video, this can be daunting but you can get around this and use slideshows. Lots of video is watched with the sound turned off or down so do make sure you use captions.

3. Show your personality – people buy people so don’t be shy. Pepper up your social posts with a few of yourself!

4. Visual posts work better, across all platforms and with a strong message or call to action in the first line.

5. Make use of open-ended questions, polls, competitions. People respond well to these formats across social media, giving you the opportunity to engage and then making them part of your social online community.

6. Be consistent and post at the right times, your analytics will show you when your audience is online.

7. Make sure that you are responding to comments, likes and shares speedily. As a rule of thumb people do expect to be answered within a 4-hour window.

For more information and added support, please contact Lisa Bullen by phone 07736 380779 or email at lisa@socialmediasussex.com