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During the Coronavirus Lockdown many of us will have been asked to work from home by the Government and /or your employers. It was probably a very new experience for many and learning how to adjust a tricky experience. That said, you may have discovered some of the life benefits of working at home. Forget the stress of commuting, wear and tear on your car and bank balance, increased family contact and many others. You may also have battled in vain to work efficiently with the whole family in the house.

You may be considering or indeed your employer may be adjusting to long-term home working, having seen its many benefits. You wonder however, how you will cope with the daily 3 O’clock disruption when the children come home from school.

Maybe the answer is an additional room? An extension that will become that all-important home office, that can be closed at the end of the day. Important calls could be easily handled without family interruption. Perhaps you have a garage you could convert, or other outbuilding that you just use to store your ’stuff’. Could it be put to better use as a great workspace? You might even want to build a new building in the garden that you can go out of the house to and be completely at work!

At Downlands Architecture we can advise on the planning requirements and the design of extensions and new buildings to meet your requirements. We will prepare and submit planning applications and obtain building regulation consent as required.

Give Ashley a call on 01825 890222 or email ashley@downlandsds.co.uk if you’d like to know more…