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Completing domestic electrical work has been difficult over the last two months, particularly as we do the right thing in order to protect our customers and families.

We have served our community on several electrical emergencies and, with the correct protections and consideration to our customers, we resolved the issue.

Some people may not know the right action to take during this time if they experience electrical issues, or even plan changes to their existing system.

We can assure you that, as essential work, we can answer all domestic electrical emergencies. We can also carry out electrical work on vacant properties and outside work where social distancing is maintained. In some circumstances, we may be able to complete other work, but in all cases, we need to consider a few factors first.

Keeping customers safe during visits.

At the time of booking an appointment, we’ll ask if:

  • Anyone in your home has been diagnosed with Covid-19
    Anyone in your home has been advised to self-isolate
    Anyone in your home is at higher risk – i.e. over 70, pregnant etc.

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, we will discuss the best option for you before deciding what to do next.

On the day of your appointment

  • Our engineer will check these details again in case anything has changed since making your appointment.
    The engineer will take these necessary precautions during their visit:
    • Wash hands/use hand sanitiser
    • Wear disposable gloves
    • Practicing safe distancing
    • Wiping down any surfaces contacted
    • Use face barriers

Engineers will be stocked with hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, and cleaning wipes. We would ask customers to practice social distancing during our visit.

Customers self-isolating

During this time, we will work to get to all emergencies, including vulnerable persons. Please let us know if this is the case so we can take proper safety precautions and assess our ability to visit your home or site. Call us on 07932306261 and we will discuss how we can help.

Non-emergency work

We update with Government guidelines daily and the pace of change means that it may be possible to book work in for a few weeks’ time. However, we offer flexibility and complete work at the earliest time when its right to do so. It may be possible to complete work if social distancing guidelines can be adhered to and there is NO risk to anyone concerned.

For further information please contact craig@smarterhomeelectrics.co.uk / 07932306261.