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Economic crises have occurred throughout the centuries and did you know that there was a banking crash during Roman times? Most people have read about the Wall Street Crash and Great Depression of the 1920-30s with many having endured the global financial crisis of 2007-08. Today we have COVID-19, which has affected all businesses throughout the UK, and thrown us into the depth of a recession although as lockdown is eased, the economy should start to bounce back. It will be those businesses which have a solid business contingency plan that will have a head start.

In this latest blog from Relativity, the business technology specialists based in Uckfield, East Sussex, they discuss what business resilience is and what you can do for your business to lessen the impact of disruptions in the future and how cloud software solutions could allow your business to continue to function and even allow for the government guidelines for social distancing to be followed.

What is business resilience?

“Business resilience is the ability of an organisation to quickly adapt to disruptions while
maintaining continuous business operations and safeguarding people, assets and overall brand
equity. A key part of this is to avoid costly downtime and maintain business operations.”
David Discenza, President of Discenza Business Continuity Solutions

There is no simple solution to ensuring that your business continues to operate effectively and efficiently during and after a global crisis. However, a key element is a requirement to work out how to operate in different ways and have a resilient business plan to come out in a stronger position than the competition.

Migrating your systems to the cloud will allow you to continue operations…

More flexible working practices can be achieved by migrating all elements of your business to the cloud and using Zoho One, a business process management tool. You will bring more structure to your business and the apps contained within it will take care of your sales, marketing, support, HR, and accounting processes as well as your operations for easy and effective management of your internal and customer-facing projects.
● Employees can move to remote working and operate from home
● Data relevant to staff can be viewed in real time
● More flexible working practices
● Continuity of operations
● Excellent support for your customers


With the enforcement of social distancing, it has been impossible for some businesses to continue, but with the flexible working practices offered by cloud based systems such as Zoho One, it enables many businesses to be stronger with less of an economic impact. The coronavirus pandemic has really shown us the importance of investing in digital business operations for long-term business resilience to lessen the impact of any future business

What Relativity can do to help you and your team…

For more information about Zoho One and whether it would help your business in these uncertain times to have a more resilient framework, contact our experts who can advise you on this and whether this could be integrated into your business strategy to overcome future disruptions. With 40+ apps on one platform, why not get started today? Call us on 01825 280123 or email info@relativity.co.uk for more information.