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Those of us that have jobs and can work should do so at the earliest opportunity. It’s not just our businesses and our own livelihoods that are at stake here, it’s the economy of our country that needs us.

Of course I acknowledge the fantastic work done by our front line staff, not just medical and care workers, but all the vital functions that have kept us going through lockdown, from checkout staff to teachers, and bus drivers to bin collectors. But now is the time for the rest of to do our bit, as restrictions lift and workplaces are made safe. All of us are quite literally key workers in the long term vital role of getting everything moving again.

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” President Kennedy famously told Americans nearly sixty years ago. Now it’s our turn to be the key workers for our country.

I would therefore urge business owners, directors, and other decision makers to do what you can to help get us back on our feet. It took the UK two generations to repay its wartime loan, but I fear the Coronavirus debt period could be considerably longer.

Tim Benians: Uckfield Framing Company.