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Connected Healthcare in East Hoathly, East Sussex…

Have you ever thought about visiting an Osteopath to enhance all aspects of your wellbeing?

Many of our existing clients do just that. As medically-trained Allied Health Professionals (NHS England) we can we provide you with a diagnosis and individually-tailored hands-on osteopathic treatment. This will help you to feel more comfortable physically from any aches and pains. Not only that, we are also trained to assist you with exercises and advice for many aspects of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Our osteopaths can treat injuries that have just happened as well as long term persistent pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. What you may not know is we can help not only with back pain but aches and pains in any muscles or joints in the body. We can treat headaches, arthritis, repetitive strain (such as tennis elbow) minor digestive upsets, circulation problems as well as the inability to relax.

Three of our osteopaths also have extra training in stress related disorders and chronic pain. Through hands on treatment and the self-care advice in the toolkits on our website we are able to support and guide you to a solution and enhance many areas of your physical and emotional health.

On our Osteopathy For All Facebook page, we recently asked: ‘how does osteopathy make you feel?’ This was one response: ‘Life just feels better. As well as symptom relief, I feel calmer, happier, more organised. Even my house looks tidier! Osteopathy is like magic!’

Whilst we cannot promise you magic, we can promise highly professional, safe and effective care from our highly qualified team. (A team that were delighted to be finalists for the UK Osteopathic Practice of the Year this year).

So, if now is the time to stop putting up with those niggles and incorporate osteopathy into your wellbeing plan do contact us for more information to see how we can assist you.

For further information or to make an appointment, please contact Pippa Cossens

by email hello@osteopathyforall.co.uk

or call on 01825 840582.