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During the recent outbreak, many organisations had to make do without the office during lockdown – and many have realised that they may not actually need to go into the office after all to get the same level of work done! With that said, what will office space look like in a few months time? Will we ever go back to 9-5?

Although the “new normal” may seem different, one thing COVID-19 has indeed showed us, is that a considerable amount of work can still be carried out productively outside of the office – whilst still enjoying the freedom of a more relaxed schedule.

How will the coronavirus pandemic accelerate the demand for flexible office space?

Opportunity to downsize and reduce operating costs 

With many working remotely from home, businesses will begin to realise that they don’t really need all that office space and can choose to cut down on space. Thus, saving on costs allocating budgets elsewhere.

The demand for solo and socially distant space may increase

For offices to reopen fully, employers need to ensure that employee workstations are adequately distanced and office density is reduced, while also adopting physical distancing measures such as allocating work shifts with staggered hours.

Accelerate the need for modern, flexible office space

Though working from home for the long term may not be entirely possible. The uncertainty that coronavirus brings could cause more companies to look for flexible space that can accommodate rapid changes in their needs. Businesses still need a place to brainstorm or hold meetings, or simply a conducive place for their employees to work comfortably.

A co-working space can provide you with just what your business needs – A Flexible Office Space! 

And here’s why;

  • Cut down on office space overheads
  • Private meeting rooms
  • Well-spaced out desks (2 metres apart!)
  • Fully functional kitchen and outside space
  • Super fast internet
  • On-site parking

At Cube Co-Working we strive to ensure stringent social distancing measures are always in place at our Co-Working hub and our work areas are sanitised regularly. Cleanliness is always a top priority!

Contact us to discuss our Uckfield Chamber Member offers or to arrange a FREE tour of our facility for a glimpse of what it’s like to be part of the Cube Community!