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LED-UK are well known for helping businesses switch to LED Lighting, saving them both energy and money. They offer a FREE site survey up front to establish business requirements.

The Company Directors, Nick Shrager and Steve Marshall, are future thinkers and with the ongoing global pandemic against Covid-19, they quickly spotted an opportunity to extend their range of LED products, to include UV-C Disinfection lighting.

So just what is UV-C and how can it help your business in these troubled times?

UV-C light at a specific wavelength of 253.7 Nm, damages the DNA and RNA of 99.99% of all known viruses (including COVID-19), Bacteria, Pathogens, and micro-organisms. When a virus’s DNA or RNA is damaged, they cannot reproduce, and they die. The workplace becomes safer and you and your staff are more confident about being at work.

What is the solution for you and your business?

 Well, LED-UK can offer you several solutions. They have a range of UV-C systems that they can supply for every size of business. They provide these on a competitive finance deal, so you can manage the UV-C disinfection of your building yourself.

Alternatively, they can offer a service where their trained staff can come to your premises with UV-C equipment and sterilise your building for you.

To find out more, contact Steve at LED-UK on 01424 222 200 or email steve@led-uk.co.uk