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At Total Control Pest Solutions, they aim to take care of your pest control issue from start to finish, ensuring you have a pest free environment. Rest assured they have the solution to your pest problem!

Set-up, manage & maintain regular pest control contracts:

  • Annual pest control contracts with regular inspections and treatments.
  • Tailored to fit your site / property’s individual requirements.
  • On site folders containing written reports, COSHH & Safety Data Sheets.
  • Commercial premises set-up to BRC standards for audits.

As an experienced pest control company they also specialise in bird management services:

  • Installation of Anti-roost Spikes, Bird Free Netting, Pin & Wire Systems.
  • Pigeon Control (culling / trapping)
  • Seagull Proofing & Deterrent.
  • Bird Guano Clearance (birds mess / fouling clearance)

At this time of year, winter rodents can be an issue so here are some top tips to avoid a problem.

As we enter the colder months, rodent activity near or in our homes and businesses can be on the increase. As temperatures begin to drop rodents including rats, house mice and squirrels will start to look for a shelter and a food source.

We urge customers to take preventative measures to avoid any unwanted visitors, as any rodent activity in our homes or businesses can cause serious damage through gnawing on electrical wires, water pipes, contaminating food stuffs and the potential to spread disease.

Prevention is better than cure:

  • Keep trees that overhang a building trimmed back, ensure climbing plants are cut back and have clearance from the roof.
  • Consider entry points such as damaged airbricks and vents, gaps around pipework, doors or facia boards.

Did you know?

Rodents must gnaw to keep their teeth in check as their teeth are continually growing!

As part of any treatment program Total Control Pest Solutions carry out a survey to ascertain the rodents points of entry, recommendations can then be made to avoid future infestations and to avoid the necessity for further treatments.

What are the signs to look for?

Rats and Mice

  • Faeces – Dark and pelleted shaped like a grain of rice. Rats often use the same spot so these might be clustered in one area. Mice can produce around 80 droppings a day, commonly droppings are found under the kitchen sink, around the heating boiler and in loft spaces
  • Gnawing – Electric cables, plastic, torn food bags.
  • You might hear scratching or scuttling from the attic or in wall cavity if indoors.


  • Spotting lots of squirrels around your property, particularly on the roof area
  • Smell of urine in the loft
  • Torn up insulation from the loft along with gnawing on wood and stripping of electrical cables.
  • Faeces – Barrel shaped around 5-10mm
  • Scratching or rustling sound from the loft, often at the outer edges
  • Stripped bark from trees nearby

If you have spotted any signs above or have concerns about possible points of entry, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01825 508644 or info@totalcontrolpestsolutions.co.uk