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Happy New Year to our fellow Uckfield Chamber members from the team at Youbiquity!

If you have been missing #UCCHour over the past few weeks, we will be back soon for more online networking chat. The first hour of the year kicks off on Friday 15th January 2021 and we are really looking forward to catching up with everyone.

The social networking hour has a friendly and casual atmosphere – often offering much-needed respite on a Friday.

Though #UCCHour has now hit its 34-week milestone (wow!), there are some who have yet to join us. If you are unsure about joining the chat, we would recommend that you come along one week and give it a try.

Why You Should Join the Chat

There are many reasons as to why you should get involved with #UCCHour.

Build relationships in the local area. Networking events are all about forming trust with others and sharing your knowledge. By regularly connecting with people online, you will be able to grow your network with professionals in the Uckfield and Sussex areas.

Raise your business profile. Get word out about your business to more people than ever before. We share every post that uses the #UCCHour hashtag, helping you to increase your reach. The more people who know about your company, the more leads you can create.

Benefit from advice and support. Through our discussion topics, we hope to glean insight into different ways of working. We regularly share advice from other members and the community to help encourage those who may be looking for an extra bit of help.

For your mental wellbeing. At the time of writing, we are in the third lockdown since coronavirus started to spread. Regular social interaction can lighten your mood and help you to feel happier. The hour also allows you to take a break from your normal routine, helping you to clear your mind.

What Is #UCCHour?

#UCCHour is the weekly online networking hour created by Uckfield Chamber of Commerce. It was created to help bring businesses in Uckfield and the surrounding areas together in an informal and relaxed space.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the social hour has allowed Chamber members and Uckfield professionals to regularly meet in a safe environment. The Chamber continues to provide online networking opportunities during these difficult times.

The chat is hosted by us at Youbiquity, as we oversee #UCCHour and make sure that your tweets are seen. Every week we kick things off with a topic for discussion. Here are some upcoming themes:

  • How will you maintain positive workplace culture in 2021?
  • Where do you hope to go next with your business?
  • Why do you think networking is important?
  • What projects are you working on right now?
  • What is the best part of your job?

To help fulfil Uckfield Chamber of Commerce’s mission to encourage members, we are continuing the hour throughout 2021. Through advice and business networking opportunities, we hope to better support the community by connecting online.

How to Get Involved

#UCCHour is live on Twitter every Friday between 11am and 12noon.

To join in the chat, all you need to do is use the hashtag #UCCHour in your posts. That will make it easier for us to find your updates and let us know that you want to be involved in the networking hour.

Though the chat is part of the Uckfield Chamber of Commerce, we encourage non-members to take part too. This allows members to introduce themselves to companies outside of our Chamber community, to make even more connections.

Share your business news, reach a wider audience and chat with fellow Uckfield and Sussex businesses and professionals. Join us this Friday for another rousing discussion.

More About Youbiquity

We work with Uckfield Chamber of Commerce to help manage #UCCHour. It is us who run the online networking chat and respond to your tweets every week.

Youbiquity is a digital marketing agency based on the A22 between Uckfield and Hailsham. We mainly work with small to medium sized businesses in the local area to help raise their profile online and reach a wider audience.

From building your website, creating visual content or managing online ads, we can help you to improve your marketing and move your business forward.

If you would like to know more about #UCCHour or the other digital marketing services that we offer, please feel free to get in touch. Drop us a line at contact@youbiquity.co.uk or call 01825 703 300 for a chat.