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COVID has swept through the globe, changing the way businesses operate – and as the government announced the first round of lockdown measures in March last year, many businesses scrambled to implement new policies that focused on remote working.

Moving towards flexible workspace solutions is an integral part of the future state of businesses – allowing them to grow, change and evolve easily, within a new environment.

In a report commissioned by Steelcase they highlight the highs and lows of working from home and it’s impact on the future workplace. Those employees having to work remotely wish they had a better workspace, due to feeling increasingly isolated.

In fact… of those working full-time from home, 37% report a worsening sense of isolation and 20% say they have diminishing productivity and engagement. Additionally, 36% of workers lack a distraction-free environment to work, while 28% do not have a physically comfortable work space.

At Cube Co-Working, we offer so much more than just a place to work! It is not just the practicality of having an office-like space to go to every day. Co-working spaces offer members the chance to be part of a like-minded community.

Our work spaces are sophisticated and professional, with a support team on-site to provide users with a premium service. Whether it’s a single desk or an entire office, we have the perfect space for you!

What’s more… if you’re interested in joining us this month – you’ll receive 50% OFF our standard fees throughout the whole of February.

Join our Cube Co-Working Community today! Contact Rod Payne on services@cubecoworking.com or call 0800 0086 499.