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Google Ads generally appear at the top of Google search results and are an effective way to leapfrog your competitors’ “organic” (non-advert) listings.

Usually, Google Ads appear when you search for a product or service. Let’s say you’re a florist called “Austin Flowers”. You’ll probably advertise when someone searches for “flowers” or “florists” in your local area.

You might also set up Google Ads to display when someone searches for your company or brand name, in other words when someone types in “Austin Flowers”.

But why would you do this? Particularly if you already appear top of the organic search results when someone searches for your brand.

Here are 4 reasons why Google Ads targeting your own brand name could be a good idea:

1. Mitigate competitor tactics

Competitors can choose to display Google Ads when someone searches for YOUR brand name. By doing the same and also advertising for your own brand name, you’ll almost certainly appear right at the top, above your competitor’s advert.

2. It’s cheap

Your competitor might be paying a pound or two each time someone clicks on their advert for your brand name. However, you would only pay pennies, as Google will recognise the advert is for your own brand.

3. Improve conversion rates

You can control the content of Google Ads more easily than you can control what appears in your organic search results. This gives you flexibility to dictate what the searcher sees and maximise the chance that they’ll convert.

Learn more about Google Ads for your own brand name

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