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What will the future of corporate workspaces look like?

Gone are the days when you show up for work, do your standard 9-5, head home and come back the next day for rinse and repeat until it’s the weekend – the pandemic has made sure of that!

With many businesses switching to remote working to cut down on costly overheads, corporate spaces are losing their importance. These days businesses are looking for flexibility! This is increasing the demand for flexible workspaces especially in more urban environments.

Here are the top 3 reasons businesses are adapting;

  1. Decentralisation

Moving away from the city can be beneficial to both employers and its employees. Rent is cheaper outside of London striking off one big overhead cost for the company. Whilst, for employees – it could mean less time commuting to and from work, leaving them with more time for the family or their own personal interests. This creates a healthy work life balance and a happier workforce. A win-win for everyone involved!

  • Adopting a hybrid working model

Some businesses are taking it a step further by adopting a hybrid working model. Allowing staff to work from both home and the office on certain days. With only part of the team in the office at any given time, businesses need to shift their office concept to be a place for ideation and collaboration between staff, rather than a place where employees do their work.

  • Flexible Workspaces

What used to be the go-to for freelancers and small startups, flexible workspaces such as co-working spaces are now being embraced by large corporates too, such as IBM. While we will not see physical office premises going away anytime soon, the need for flexible workspaces continue to rise and we are seeing these workspaces becoming an integral part of the future of how we work.

Thinking outside the office space

An option for flexibility, co-working offers remote employees a flexible, cost-effective work area with a sense of community catering for companies of all sizes.

Key benefits of co-working spaces;

  • Fully equipped office facilities – desks, meeting rooms, high speed internet, kitchen facilities (break away with a good cup of coffee!)
  • Minimal commitments – only pay for the days you need
  • Collaborate and network with like-minded individuals

Luckily for us, there’s one great co-working space nearby everyone can enjoy, that’s just a stone’s throw away from Uckfield town centre.

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