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The Sussex Business Show | 5th May, 2022

Network Xpress has decided to go all in with a bigger show for 2022….. With a real a gamechanger.

Network Xpress, or as it used to be called Net XP has decided to go all in with a bigger show for May 5th, next year, and a completely new look and feel for the event with the creation of The Sussex Business Show.

This will cement its profile in B2B Events. Would you like to know more? Of course, you would; who wouldn’t want to know about our exciting game themed tradeshows and conferences which offer innovative B2B services which turn heads at every show we host, which also offer the customer experience award and cake at every show so there is always added bonuses to attending our events across Sussex in the UK.

So, what’s happened and why is Network Xpress pushing the boundaries for its tradeshow and conference business? I guess it’s down in part to what happened to the world in 2020 which is going to be imprinted on our minds for a long time to come. The pandemic has caused a huge shift in how business is being done and it gave us time to look at different options for the business and decide the best route of action to add event strings to the business. So, what’s happening with Network Xpress? EVOLUTION that’s what. Sonny Cutting, the event director for the business, has for a long time been a business disruptor in the B2B events industry, and has done events slightly differently.

Businesses have already starting signing up for stand spaces to get the best floor booths, and we’re on the lookout for a few more sponsors for the show as well. The Tiger’s Pen will be back next year, and 4 keynote talks and 12 workshop speakers have already been secured covering topics like diversity and inclusion, cyber security, inspired leadership, customer experience, start-up success and much more.

A big change in how the business will be recognised is on its way. Network Xpress started out as a humble networking group but grew into the premier tradeshow and conference events company with a games twist, and now its spawning something bigger into its portfolio with the new Hybrid events model. This will enable Network Xpress to host the new event both online and face to face at the same time via hybrid technology which will allow for a fantastic business focussed show, utilising the latest tech across Sussex.

But what game theme will showcase next year, Sonny has decided to go back to one of his first games ever which he started the business with. It’s a big gamble to showcase a full deck of professional companies whilst having them win big on the day! Have you guessed yet, no? OK, well we’re going to go with a casino theme to add some magic to the new hybrid expo format.

‘The Sussex Business Show’ which will help growth in different areas of a business whether it’s a start-up or larger SME organisation.

But how I hear you say? Well, we’re very glad that you as the reader asked this question! The all-new Sussex Business Show #SBS22 will include a new infographic which will showcase the various services in the Network Xpress portfolio, this will enable you to easily navigate the event which we will be hosting, this will include special banners across the event to showcase the keynote talks and workshops etc.

If you have an interest in joining leading experts and business leaders across Sussex then please register your interest on the website or search social media – @SussexBizShow or #SBS22 – Contact 01273 833 222 for more event information.