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We can talk all day about the benefits of electric bikes. Sometimes we do! However, the quickest way to understand just how easy and fun it is to ride an electric bike is to jump on one and have a go.

We strongly advise anyone considering one to take a test ride to confirm their size and that the specification meet their needs, test rides are available on a whole range of models. If you aren’t sure which bike is right for you our team will help you choose and you are welcome to take a ride on as many bikes as you want.

Test rides are available from our Uckfield showroom.

There is no obligation if you take a test ride, we just want to you to experience the power and fun they can offer you. We are confident you will return with a big smile on your face! If you try one, then usually you’ll want one.

If you’d like to book a test ride in advance you can by giving us a call on Uckfield 01825 764695 or you can send us an email at uckfield@theelectricbikeshop.co.uk

N.B. To book a test ride we require Photo ID, proof of address, and a 1p card transaction and the signing of a disclaimer for insurance purposes.

We also have a fully equipped workshop and undertake all types of bike servicing and repairs.