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Here’s our piece from this month’s Uckfield Matters magazine just in case you’re outside of the immediate delivery area of 6,000 Uckfield homes!

As we enter the main summer holiday period, we know that many businesses take some time out this month not least to coincide with school holidays, although it will feel different this year. It is also a good time to take stock of the business, when activity can be a little quieter than usual.

One question that I am often asked is, ‘How do I get value from my Chamber membership?’ and this is a question that you may want to ponder either while you’re away or during a quieter spell. Well, there’s no right or wrong answer but generally, the more engaged you are as a business with Chamber activity, then the more you’ll benefit from membership. It’s like most other things in life; the more you put in, the more you’ll get out.

So, attending our recently reintroduced meetings in person or our monthly online meetings, you’ll obviously meet other businesses, and each format provides a great way to network. But to get the most out of your networking, some preparation is a good idea; decide who you’d ideally want to talk to!

Winning business while networking isn’t an instant fix; very often you’ll need to meet that person several times. After all you’re more likely to buy something from someone if you know, like and trust them, and that can take time!

But successful networking goes beyond the meeting itself; the fortune is often in the follow-up. Make sure that you send a personalised email or reach out on LinkedIn; it’s quick and easy to do.

Booking for both our evening meeting on Wednesday 22 September and breakfast on Friday 15October are open; just click on the links above to book your place. Or, if you’d like to join us online, simply let me know and we’ll ensure you have the sign-in info. Chamber members will be emailed automatically for each online event with the sign-in details.

Wishing you a refreshing and enjoyable Staycation break – or quieter spell if you’re not away, recharging those business batteries!