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Agriemach are principally a supplier of Engine Protection and Performance Design Engineering Products although recently, they made a donation of 12x portable Virus Air Filtration units to a local Primary School.

A spokesperson at the school said, “I think it is fair to say that the children were initially fascinated by the changing lights on the units and thought they could make them change colour by breathing on them! Staff I think feel reassured that there is an extra something in the classrooms providing some additional protection.

These tested and certified Virus Air Filtration Units have been donated to the school by Agriemach Ltd who are exclusively supplying these systems throughout the UK for Heylo. Agriemach are already heavily involved in reducing exhaust gas emissions on power generating plant and construction machinery for the industrial sector; so, Air Quality is high on the daily agenda.

The purpose for this generous donation is to prove just how effective and beneficial these filtration systems will be for the children, teachers, and the families they will all go home to at the end of each day.

The filtration systems are fitted with a certified medical grade H14 HEPA filter which removes viruses and bacteria from the ambient air. Along with its inbuilt UV-A Sterilising light and ionisation, the filter units will be helping reduce the transmission of airborne viruses and bacteria, which will be a significant benefit as we move into the colder months of the year.

Agriemach Ltd state: “H14 HEPA Filters are a tried, tested and certified method of keeping air clean. They have been used in hospitals for many years and we have now brought them to the public domain in a portable self-regulating unit. These systems continually monitor the ambient air quality and increase the fan speed accordingly. A visual particle counter along with coloured LED lights provides a nice, simple indication of the current air quality in a room.

With viruses such as the common cold and flu making an unwelcome return, as well as COVID looking to be something we must learn to live with; air filtration systems should become a far more common sight in classrooms, shops, restaurants, and any internal public spaces that do not have existing upgraded ventilation systems. The Virus Air Filtration Units will simply help to assist with keeping transmission lower. Of course, it is not a cure to the problem – but a step towards reducing the spread of such viruses, which in turn will help keep children and teachers safer and possibly even help reduce a tiny bit of pressure on the NHS as it helps to reduce the spread of sickness. Prevention is better than a cure!

Further details and technical information can be found on the Agriemach website www.agriemach.com or by calling the Agriemach Technical Team on 01342 713743.