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…what they are and how they can help your marketing!

Most businesses have a Google My Business profile, a free listing which appears to the right of the search results when someone Googles your company name.

What many don’t realise is that you can add posts to this profile, to keep readers up to date with your latest news, offers and services.

There are five types of post you can create:

  1. COVID-19 update – business changes as a result of the pandemic.
  2. Offer – sales and other promotional offers.
  3. What’s new – general news about your business.
  4. Event – about events you’re running.
  5. Product – information about your products (these posts will also appear in the ‘Products’ section of your listing).

Most posts, except offers, include the option of a “call to action” button, which can help to drive traffic to your website or social accounts.

You can add new posts as often as you want and access insights information which will tell you how many people have seen the post and how many clicked on the post’s button.

So what are the benefits of these posts?

If your Google My Business profile gets a good number of visitors, then this is a great opportunity to put your key messages in front of them.

The call to action button is a useful way to increase traffic to your website and, so long as it takes them to a page which is optimised for conversion, a good way to increase enquiries.

What Google My Business posts won’t do is improve your Google ranking. However, they do still support your overall SEO objectives by making your profile more eye catching and up to date. For more information on using Google My Business posts, including step-by-step instructions for setting them up, please visit the Tomango website.