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Getting used to the ‘new normal’…

This is now the ‘new normal’ isn’t it! A phrase that has maybe been overused but notwithstanding the progress on vaccinations, Covid just isn’t going away with business life remaining very different to those heady days of late 2019!

As I write (early December deadlines) we remain uncertain about ‘in person’ meetings once more, especially where larger numbers are involved. The second half of 2021 did see us return to ‘in person’ meetings and yet we have retained an online networking presence.

It’s all very well ‘working from home’ and of course, we understand why the advice is given but it has its downsides too. Many office workers miss the social aspect of work and often when a quick five-minute conversation can solve a simple problem, without the outlet of the coffee machine, issues can escalate unnecessarily.

Again, notwithstanding restrictions, our hospitality venues have remained very busy especially during the festive season. The high-street food and drink vendors at our own late-night shopping last month never had it so good; most sold out of whatever it was they were selling simply because Uckfield people were set on having a good time!

This new year of 2022 sees many opportunities not least with the Uckfield Business Awards set to return this year on Thursday 29 September. As I write, we have just three sponsorship opportunities still available, so do get in touch if you’d like to be part of this event; not just on the day but in the months ahead as we build up to celebrating everything great about Uckfield business!

I mentioned earlier that we will continue with our online networking which is open to any Uckfield business – you don’t have to be a member to attend although it does help! We next meet on Wednesday 12 January 8am when our speaker will be Dan Wallman of the Sussex Council of Training Providers (SCTP) and then, Covid allowing, we will meet ‘in person’ a week or so later on Thursday 20 January when we welcome leaders from Wealden District Council to speak about the Local Plan.

We value our membership of over 200 local businesses, and we’d love you to be part of that if you own or manage an Uckfield business and are not involved. Simply drop me an email or pick up the phone – I’d be pleased to hear from you.

Post Script: since this article was written, the Chamber have decided to bring their evening, January members’ meeting online, on Thursday 20 January, due to increased Covid cases locally.