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The Covid pandemic hit many companies hard and fast back in 2020.

It was a particularly challenging time for one of Chamber member, Tomango’s clients, Change Formation. This respected people development organisation suddenly found that training budgets were being drastically reduced. Their previously strong flow of work dried up almost overnight.

At the height of the crisis in 2020 Tomango started working with Change Formation, developing a digital marketing strategy to help them ride out the storm and be in the best possible position for when the market started to pick up again.

These are some of the things they learnt along the way:

  • When a crisis hits, reassess your digital marketing strategy as soon as you can – adapt it to your new situation and be particularly mindful of any imminent activities which might now be considered insensitive.
  • Switch from lead generation to brand awareness – this is a change of mindset as much as anything, focusing on sending out the right messages about your brand to the right people.
  • Don’t stop your SEO – a couple of weeks’ break from updating your blog is fine, but if you don’t add any new content for months on end Google will notice and your ranking could suffer as a result.
  • Show empathy – more so than ever, listen to your customers and reflect their situation in the messages you send out. Remember that your audience’s situation and fears might be quite different to your own.
  • Add value through great content – provide useful, interesting and relevant content that informs, entertains or empathises with your audience.
  • Be prepared for the recovery – use this quiet time to improve your chances of converting new enquiries when they do come along. This could mean refurbishing your premises, optimising your website or developing a strong enquiry follow up process.

2022 is already a much more positive year for Change Formation. Their market is reviving, and, thanks to Tomango’s work, they’ve hit the ground running.

“I started working with Tomango on my company branding back in 2013. When the Covid pandemic hit the impact on my business was massively challenging, however I was determined to keep the fires burning ready for when things picked up again. Tomango’s digital marketing support became instrumental in helping me keep the business in great shape ready for when the market started to recover. I’m now looking to the future with great optimism.”

Rob McWilliam, Managing Director, Change Formation.

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