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A new report commissioned by Uckfield based & Chamber member, Rix & Kay has outlined a range of practical indicators designed to allow employees of professional service firms to quickly assess the quality of their hybrid workplace.

The report, entitled Reimagining the workplace, also suggests that professional service firms should put hybrid workplaces at the heart of any sustainable business strategy and makes recommendations for how they can do so. The report concludes that those professional service firms who adopt a flexible, iterative approach to implementing change in their workplaces will be the winners.

Some of the practical indicators that employees are urged to consider when working in a hybrid workplace include:

  • They know their purpose within their organisation, its culture and what’s expected of them
  • They feel part of a team, are treated equally and given a voice, particularly in the context of remote meetings and online collaboration
  • Their manager understands the impact of hybrid working on their personal commitments such as domestic and caring duties
  • Their organisation cares about their wellbeing
  • They are very productive but know when to stop
  • They don’t feel adrift and that their career is on track
  • They have the tools and IT infrastructure that allows them to deliver their overall goals

Jenny Reardon, HR Manager at Rix & Kay, who participated in the report comments:

“Creating an exceptional employee experience in our hybrid workplace vital. This moment also offers leaders a powerful opportunity to unlock new ways to achieve everything from wellbeing and work life balance, to an inclusive and authentic company culture, and experience better business outcomes along the way”.

A full copy of the report, Reimagining the workplace’ can be downloaded here.

The report is the second report in a series that examines the critical role of the hybrid workplace within professional service firms. The first report entitled ‘Making a hybrid workplace a great workplace’ is available here.

More information about Rix & Kay’s hybrid workplace environment and how it makes it easy for employees is available here.