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AFC Uckfield Town are looking for any help, any business can give for the 2022/23 season, starting in July / August. 

I am sure members of the Uckfield Chamber of Commerce get many such requests but would ask that you take the time to read and if interested contact me and I will send the sponsorship opportunities. 

WHY SPONSOR or ADVERTISE? The philosophy of AFC Uckfield Town is that sponsorship should be mutually beneficial, and we will therefore strive to create a relationship which is flexible to meet your needs and desired level of involvement. Your partnership with us, will offer you a business opportunity to:

  • Publicise your products/services and strengthen consumer loyalty 

Align your organisation with the grassroots of our national sport and the positive attributes of a club like AFC Uckfield Town. 

Foster your credentials of giving something back to the community and the ensuing good will factor. 

A picture is as good as a thousand words and the Club makes every effort to ensure that you receive media coverage from such sponsorship via national/local press and social media.  

SPONSORSHIP BENEFITS include kit branding, signage and hoarding opportunities, programme advertisements, circulation of your promotional material and continued exposure through the Club Twitter feed which is seen by members and external organisations across the world wide web. 

As you would expect, there are different levels of sponsorship which reflect your financial commitment/participation. Organisations can sponsor individual teams or the Club as an entity.  

I do hope that you would wish to identify your organisation with a buoyant Club, but also the need for structured youth activities addressing health and personal development issues in a positive and recreational way.  

For further information, contact Mike Skinner, Marketing Manager – mikeskinner@hotmail.co.uk